Solar Cross Talisman

This solar symbol of the Emanation of the Universe is comprised of three primary geometric figures the point, the circle, and the equal-armed cross and represents the three stages of Manifestation. 

1.) Absolute Undifferentiated Being

2.) Thought and Potential Creative Force 

3.) Organizations  and Materializations

As the Solar Cross broadens towards its ends, the implication is expansion of force as energy continues to move outward. The central sun depicted is not the orb we know to be the hub of our solar system which can only palely reflect the True Glory of the Spiritual Sun, Source of all Creation. The hidden sun behind the sun has been known to seekers of the sacred in all times and cultures as they journey inward. Wear this Talisman to become attuned to the Sun of the Self, our secret source.

1994 e.v. WLP/SSP


Solar Cross