Elemental Wheel Talisman

The Elemental Wheel delineates the four primal elemental forces  Earth, Air, Fire, Water,  which underlies and gives rise to all material existence. These forces must be utilized and controlled by the Magus or True Witch. Therefore, the phrase “To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent” has been traditionally termed the Four Powers of the Magus, or alternately, the Witches’ Pyramid. Self-Knowledge when combined with True Will gives an initiate of the Mysteries the self-confidence and daring to diverge in thought and behavior from mass psychology in order to process magickally and spiritually on the road to the successful attainment of True Spiritual Identity. Silence, with regard to one’s personal work is essential to magickal and mystical  progress by eliminating the possibility of interference and the dispersal of personal power.

© 1994 e.v. WLP/SSP

Elemental Wheel